Alage से KVS TGT PGT में पूछे जाने वाले Top 40 MCQ Questions

शैवाल (Algae) बायोलॉजी का महत्वपूर्ण विषय है, और हर साल TGT PGT Exams में कई प्रश्न पूछे जाते हैं। यदि आप TGT PGT KVS की तैयारी कर रहे हैं, तो नीचे दिए गए कवक MCQ Questions पर ध्यान देना चाहिए:

What is called Alage ?

शैवाल सरल, स्वपोषी जीवित प्राणी हैं। ज्यदातार शैवाल पौधों की तरह सूर्य के प्रकाश की उपस्थिति में प्रकाश संश्लेषण की क्रिया द्वारा अपना भोजन स्वयं बनाते हैं। ये एककोशिकीय और बहुकोशिकीय दोनों रूपों में पाए जाते हैं, लेकिन पौधों की तरह जड़ें, पत्तियाँ आदि शैवाल में नहीं पाई जाती हैं।

  1. The author of the Book ‘Structure and Reproduction in Algae’.

    (a) Alexopaulus and Mins
    (b) M.O.P. Iyenger.
    (c) F.E. Fritch
    (d) Hedwig
    Answer:-F.E. Fritch
  2. Reclammation of ‘USAR’ by using BGA was demonstrated by;

    (a) M.O.P iyenger
    (b) H.D. Kumar
    (c) Prof. R.N Singh.
    (d) F.E. Fritsh.
    Answer:-Prof. R.N Singh.
  3. The process of genitic recombination in BGA was studied by-
    (a) S.R Kashyap.
    (b) Prof. H.D. Kumar
    (c) Prof. Y. Bhardwaj
    (d) Prof. R.N. Singh.
    Answer:-Prof. H.D. Kumar
  4. Instead of cell wall a proteinaceous layer called ‘Pellical’ is feature of –

    (a) Myxophyceae
    (b) Euglenoidae.
    (c) Bacillariophyceae
    (d) Chlorophyceae.
  5. Jacketed and multicellulas sex. Organs of ‘chara’ shows Similasity with.

    (a) Algae
    (b) Fungi
    (c) Bryophytes
    (d) Both a and c
  1. Find out the incorrect statements

    1. Male Sex organ of chara is called as globule while female sex organ is nucule.
    2. Sex organ of algae is unicellulas and non-jacketed
    3. As we move from lower algae to higher algae progressive degeneration of sex organs occur
    4. Fritschiella tuberosa was discovered by F.E Fritch

    (a) 1 &2
    (b) 2 & 3
    (c) 3 & 4
    (d) All are incorrect
    Answer:- 3 & 4
  2. Find out incorrect option about Nostoc and Anabaena-

    (a) Grow in acidic soil
    (b) Grow in alkalive soil
    (c) Free living N2- Fixers
    (d) Symbiotic N2 Fixers
    Answer:-Grow in acidic soil
  3. Red snow is due to-

    (a) Haematococcus nivalis
    (b) Chlamydomonas nivalis
    (c) Scotiella nivalis
    (d) Both a & b
    Answer:-Both a & b
  1. Chlamydomonas yellow stonens is responsible for-

    (a) Red snow
    (b) Red tide
    (c) Red sea
    (d) Green snow
    Answer:-Green snow
  1. Red sea is due to-

    (a) Trichodesminm erythsreum – a Red
    (b) Haematococcus nivalis – a Red algae.
    (c) Trichodesmium erythreum – a BGA
    (d) Chlamydomonas nivalis – a green algae.
    Answer:-Trichodesmium erythreum – a BGA

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  1. Which of the following is not epizoic-

    (a) Chaetonema
    (b) Protoderma
    (c) Cladophoro
    (d) Stegioclonium
  2. Stegioclonium are present –

    (a) On shell of mollusca
    (b) Back of turtles
    (c) In gills of fishes
    (d) Tentacles of jellyfish
    Answer:-In gills of fishes
  3. Zooxanthallae make a symbiotic association with-
    (a) Hydra viridis
    (b) Corals
    (c) Protozoans
    (d) Aaschelniuthes
  4. Which of the following is unicellular flagellated-

    (a) Chlorella
    (b) Diatoms
    (c) Chlamydomonas
    (d) Chlorococcus
  5. The colony with indefinite no. of cells, shape and size-

    (a) Coenobium
    (b) Palnelloid
    (c) Dendroid
    (d) Rhizopodial
  1. Colony of volvox is.

    (a) Non-motile – coenobium
    (b) Motile – Coenobium
    (c) Motile – Paneloid
    (d) Tree like – Dendroid
    Answer:-Motile – Coenobium
  2. The colony of ‘ hydrodictyon.

    (a) Tree-like – Dendroid
    (b) Permanent – Palmelloid
    (c) Rhizopodial
    Answer:-Non- motile – coenobium
  1. Which of the following algae is pseudoparen-chymatous?

    (a) Ectocarpus
    (b) Seytonema
    (c) Polysiphoniaa
    (d) Cladophoro
    Answer:- Polysiphoniaa
  2. The thallus of which alga is filamentous branched, tubular and coenocytic.

    (a) Cladophora
    (b) Spirogyro
    (c) Vaucheria
    (d) Batrachosphermum
  3. Reticulate type of chloroplast is the feature of which pair-

    (a) Volvox and chlamydomonas
    (b) Oedogonium & Hydrodictyon
    (c) Ulothrix and spirogyra
    (d) Chara and vancheria
    Answer:-Oedogonium & Hydrodictyon

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  4. ‘Chloroplast polymorphism’ is shown by.

    (a) Myxophyceae
    (b) Chlorophyceae
    (c) Xanthophyceae
    (d) Phaeophyceae
    Answer:- Chlorophyceae
  5. Star-shaped cheoroplast is found in-

    (a) Volvox
    (b) Charaa
    (c) Zygnema
    (d) Ulothrix
  6. Choose incorrect about brown algae.

    (a) Stored food is mannitol and laminasin
    (b) Cell wall contains alginic acid.
    (c) Amount of chlorophyll is more than xanthophyll
    (d) Pigments are cwa, cwc, xanthophyll, carotenoids
    Answer:-Amount of chlorophyll is more than xanthophyll

Alage MCQ for neet in hindi

  1. Phycobilis are feature of-

    (a) Myxophyceae and Rhodophyceae
    (b) Myxophyceae and chlorophyceae
    (c) Chlorophyceae and phaeophyceae
    (d) Xanthophyceae and Rhodophyceae
    Answer:-Myxophyceae and Rhodophyceae
  2. Gaidukov’s phenomenon is associated with-

    (a) Chlorophyceae
    (b) Myxophyceae
    (c) Xanthophyceae
    (d) Dinophyceae.
  3. ‘Red tide’ is due to members of-

    (a) Dinoflagellates
    (b) Diatoms
    (c) Slimemoulds.
    (d) Yellow green algae.
  1. The term epitheca and Hypotheca is related with.

    (a) Mode of locomotion in green algae
    (b) Cell wall of diatoms
    (c) Type of reproduction in brown algae
    (d) Type of locomotion is BGA.
    Answer:-Cell wall of diatoms
  1. Find out incorrect about rhodophyceae-

    (a) Agar- agar and caragennin obtained from
    some menbers.
    (b) Stored food is in form of Floridean starch
    (c) C-phycoerythsin is more than cphycocyanin
    (d) Motile stage is absent
    Answer:-C-phycoerythsin is more than cphycocyanin
  2. Pantocronematic type of flagella mens.

    (a) Mastigonemes found in two rows.
    (b) Mastigonemes found in only one row
    (c) Mastigonemes found in many rows
    (d) Mastigonemes present at one side of the row
    Answer:- Mastigonemes found in only one row
  3. Amylun star is found in-

    (a) Spirogyra
    (b) Chara
    (c) Ulothrix
    (d) Batrachospermum.

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  4. CHANTRANSIA STAGE, a juvenile stage of –

    (a) Chlorophyceae
    (b) Rhodophyceae
    (c) Xanthophyceae
    (d) Myxophyceae
  1. ‘Hypnospore’ is-

    (a) Motile thinwalled sexual spore.
    (b) Non-motile thick walled sexual spore.
    (c) motile, thin walled a sexual spore
    (d) Non-motile thick walled a sexual spore.
    Answer:-Non-motile thick walled a sexual spore
  2. Quadriflagellaked zoospore is feature of –

    (a) Ulothrix
    (b) Spirogyra
    (c) Vaucheria
    (d) Oedogonium
  3. Multiflagellated zoospore is feature of-

    (a) Chlamydomonas
    (b) Oedogonium
    (c) Vaucheria
    (d) Both b & c
    Answer:-Both b & c
  4. Exospores and Endospores are asexual spores found in-

    (a) Red algae
    (b) BGA
    (c) Diatoms
    (d) Green algae
  1. Chlamydomonas braunii shows which type of sexual reproduction-

    (a) Isoganous
    (b) Anisogamous
    (c) Homogamous
    (d) Ooganous

शैवाल से जुड़े जरूरी बहुविकल्पीय प्रश्न

  1. Non-motile isogametes are found in.

    (a) Ulothrix
    (b) Chlamydomonas
    (c) Spirogyra
    (d) Fucus
  2. The life cycle of ‘polysiphonia’ is-

    (a) Haplontic type
    (b) Diplonitic type
    (c) Triphasic haplo biontic
    (d) Triphasic diplo-haplontic
    Answer:-Triphasic diplo-haplontic
  3. Terminal heterocyst is feature of which of the BGA.

    (a) Nostoc
    (b) Oscillatoria
    (c) Gleotrichia
    (d) Scytonema
  4. Which is in correct about heterocyst?

    (a) Helps in N2 Fixation
    (b) Absence of PS II
    (c) Intercalary heterocyst contains one polar nodule.
    (d) Helps in vegetatiue propagation.
    Answer:-Intercalary heterocyst contains one polar nodule.

यदि आप TGT PGT Exams की तैयारी कर रहे है तो Alage (शैवाल) से जुड़े इन MCQ Questions को ध्यानपूर्वक पढ़ें और अपने दोस्तों के साथ शेयर करें।

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